Toobex is a 3D arcade game with retro-style gameplay and hi-tech graphics.

Far, far away .. or actually very close, in some parallel four dimensions, evil Dr Shambooer is kidnapping fellow Tubies and reducing them to his 3D nightmare subspace. Can you lead the captured Tubies out of the sub dimensional mazes and help them regain their 4D freedom?


  • Addictive cell based retro-style gameplay.
  • Built in easy to use level-editor.
  • Cooperative network gameplay.
  • Edit the levels together over a network.
  • Morph based facial animation with eye tracking for believable monsters
  • Real-time photon mapping for true real-time global illumination (only with fast CPU's).
  • Conestep mapping, physically correct fur, and other graphics enriching shaders on hi-end graphics cards.
  • HDRI glow/bloom, Depth of Field, and other post-processing effects on hi-end graphics cards.
  • A central community forming repository for storing and distributing user made content like the levels, accessible straight from within the game.

State of development

Toobex is currently in the pre-alpha stage of development. We already have a playable prototype/tech-demo with a build-in editor, some functional gameplay items, and a proof-of-concept implementation of most of the graphics technologies we plan to use in the final game. We are interested in finding an investor for this project. If you are interested in investing or publishing Toobex please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain more info. Currently the project is supported by the Inkubator Gier initiative.

Inkubator Gier

Some techdemo screenshots

Click on an image to view full size.

Collumnade lighting testIn a hole with gems
ToobexSpacetime whirl
Box shadowDug in earth
SadTurquoise collumnade flyby
Dark corirdorHappy
InsideLight in the passage
FogSunny day

All screenshots were taken from a pre-alpha techdemo. These excerpts are not representative of the content prepared for the final version of the product.


Concepts showing some of the art directions considered

Click on an image to view full size.

Char 11Char 12

Char 10Char 3


Char 7Robo desert

Char 4Char 8

Red planetAsylum

Char 2



Some old screenshots

Global ilumination with soft shadows

Inside a maze

Toobed into another dimension

Some items

Some even older screenshots

Global ilumination with overburning (no bumping)

GI with hi overburning (no bumping) & a monster

Some early concepts

Pumpkinhead & Niblis

The Evil Boss and Player

Some Items


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