Prophet Engine

Psychosomatic's games are based on our own proprietary engine called The Prophet Engine. It is designed to support wide variety of games both 3D and 2D. It provides the developer with a single, consistent and platform independent environment that eliminates the need for the direct use of the common low-level libraries such as SDL, Allegro, OpenGL, DirectX, Ogre3D and file format libraries (JPG, PNG, OGG). The engine is written in the C++ language and extensively uses Object Oriented Programming and Generic Programming techniques.


The key feaures of The Prophet Engine are:

  • Easily extensible byte-code compiled scripting language widely used across the engine internally
  • Advanced scriptable and extensible shader system
  • Skeletal animation with inverse kinematics
  • Stencil shadows
  • 3D physics and collision detection including an optimized bounding volume generation tool
  • 3D procedural terrain engine
  • Flexible and extensible shader system
  • Math library with vectors, quaternions, matrices, eigen vectors, solvers, and optimization algorithms
  • GUI library with skinning, shaders and scripting support
  • Easy to use, mature, and consistent framework, with built in console, profiling capabilities, and more
  • Particle engine with particle effect editor tool
  • Post processing effects (i.e. glow/bloom, lens flares)
  • 3D sounds system
  • Music tracks manager
  • Support for complex filesystems and pack files
  • Easy nationalization
  • Advanced resource management system
  • Low latency UDP based networking
  • SMTP support for sending reports straight to your mail server
  • Input system with distribution of the input through the network
  • Automatically generated and skinnable input mapper (key-binding) screen
  • Profiling tools with in-game real-time customizable graphs
  • Debugging tools including memory leaks detection and minidump generation
  • Export tools for meshes from Blender3D
  • Supported file formats: png, jpg, dds, bmp, pfm, wav, ogg, 3ds, zip, bvh, asf/amc

Currently the only supported plaforms are MS Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista. There are plans to port the engine to PS3 and XBox360. We also consider porting to Wii, Mac OS X and possibly Linux. The engine has a thin and well separated portability layer to minimize the time needed to port it to a new platform. The engine separates the game application from all the low-level and platform dependant libaries (DirectX, OpenGL, etc.).

Stencil Shadows
Stencil shadows in action


Stencil Shadows
Procedural terrain


Stencil Shadows
Procedural asteroids


Stencil Shadows
Particle Studio


Stencil Shadows
Skeletal animation and mesh skinning


Stencil Shadows
Skeletal animation, mesh skinning and walking on terrain using inverse kinematics


Stencil Shadows
Inverse kinematics based on parameters extracted from motion capture data


Stencil Shadows
GUI, Input Mapper Screen automaticly generated by the engine


Stencil Shadows
Glow effect with lens flares


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