Dynamino (TM) is a three dimensional logic puzzle game by Psychosomatic Software.

Dynamino has its own webpage now where you can view a trailer, screenshots, and download a playable beta preview version.




Toobex is a 3D arcade game with retro-style gameplay and hi-tech graphics.

Far, far away .. or actually very close, in some parallel four dimensions, evil Dr Shambooer is kidnapping fellow Tubies and reducing them to his 3D nightmare subspace. Can you lead the captured Tubies out of the sub dimensional mazes and help them regain their 4D freedom?

Prophet Engine

Psychosomatic's games are based on our own proprietary engine called The Prophet Engine. It is designed to support wide variety of games both 3D and 2D. It provides the developer with a single, consistent and platform independent environment that eliminates the need for the direct use of the common low-level libraries such as SDL, Allegro, OpenGL, DirectX, Ogre3D and file format libraries (JPG, PNG, OGG). The engine is written in the C++ language and extensively uses Object Oriented Programming and Generic Programming techniques.

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